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Yoni Steaming

I discovered yoni steaming after a friend recommended it to me. She told me it would help with manifesting and diminish cramping during my menstrual. I actually only bought the steam to support her, because she sold them. I didn’t know how much I’d enjoy doing it and how it actually changed my life for the better. What is a yoni steam? It’s actually just a bunch of herbs mixed together that you boil, and then add to a pot, bowl, or sitz tub to sit over. The steam from the herbs goes up the yoni and into the womb to detox, heal and cleanse it. As you’re seated over the herbs, you should have a robe, blanket or some large garment over your legs that goes all the way to the floor, so that no steam escapes. Be careful though, the steam is extremely hot and can burn your yoni! Let it sit for a while in the steam seat before sitting over it. I usually sit on there for 15-30 minutes or until I no longer feel the steam. Benefits? There are plenty. It decreases cramping during your menstrual cycle. It also decreases blood flow during that time. It can shrink fibroids. It decreases anxiety. It helps you sleep better at night. It’s good for manifesting, simply set your intentions over the herbs before sitting over them. I like to journal as I steam. I write down what I want to manifest. Your womb is magical you know? Life comes from there, how could it not be? So manifest what you want to come into your life as you steam. Burn some candles while you steam. Hold a crystal in your hand, I suggest Rose Quartz because it’s good for self-love and compassion. Struggle with BV and yeast infections? Yoni steams help with that. Want to have that WAP? Yep, you guessed it, yoni steam! Our yoni speaks to us in many ways and we have to listen. She has to be at her best in order to do that, so we must take care of her. If she is smelling like fish, she is angry. If she is itching, she’s not happy. If she has discharge that is out of the ordinary (because discharge is normal), she is telling you something! You shouldn’t be bleeding for weeks. You shouldn’t be bleeding out golf ball size blood clots either. See a yoni steam practitioner, or your OB/GYN to see what’s going on. Make sure that you are conscious of what you are eating as well. Too much dairy and meat can offset your pH balance. Having too many sex partners, or sex with a man who isn’t monogamous can also cause problems with your yoni. If you are having BV after every sexual encounter, that’s your yoni telling you she isn’t too fond of him! A lot of times, we think there is something wrong with us, but we could just be letting the wrong people enter our sacred portal. It also is beneficial to those with PCOS and/or those trying to get pregnant. It can help regulate your cycle and prep your womb for pregnancy. Personally, yoni steaming has been a form of self-care. When I was on my journey to find myself, I began steaming just to give myself something to do for myself for 30 minutes. It helped me sleep so peacefully. I’d do it right before bed. I noticed it also did wonders for my anxiety. I feel so calm and relaxed after steaming. I like to steam after my period ends, and about once a week after. I do not steam on my period. That is when my yoni is cleaning itself, so I don’t feel it’s necessary. I recommend sleeping without panties or pants also, let her breathe! I used to get UTIs frequently and I do not have that problem anymore since steaming. I also try to drink more water and less sugary drinks, which could be helping as well. I also used to struggle with BV, that also went away with steaming (I left a toxic relationship at that time too, so could be either-I’d say it’s both). Your yoni speaks to you I told you, what is she saying?

Where to get a yoni steam? I never thought you’d ask. It seems like everyone is selling them nowadays. You can get them off Amazon. You can go to local apothecaries and natural food stores as well. Me, I like to support my people so I’m only shopping local and Black. My girl Kyairah Jones has her own business selling yoni steams here in Cincinnati called Yoni for Me. Her website is and her Instagram page is @mrs.kyairahj. She also offers personal steaming sessions. There are two local Black-owned retailers who also sell steams as well, Root Seeds and Oils and Native Moon Apothecary. Have you or do you yoni steam? What is your experience with it? Do you like it? Have you noticed a difference in your yoni? Let me know! This is just one way to heal you, the whole you!

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