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The Good Wife

This was a piece I wrote after my divorce. I like to write my thoughts out sometimes, its therapeutic for me. This piece has been sitting on my desktop so I thought I'd share. Maybe it'll resonate with someone!

I didn’t ask questions because I didn’t want to seem irritating

I didn’t speak up because I didn’t want to be a nag

I second-guessed myself when I knew something wasn’t right

I wanted love so so bad that I was willing to be silent to have it

All the things I am not

I sat back and played the good wife, that’s what a good wife does

I’m an extroverted leader who doesn’t follow rules

But those women don’t get wifed, those women are single

Those women end up alone with cats

I was those women; loud, wild and free. Not fitting into a box


But what about my kids? Stay a good wife so your kids can have 2 parents

That’s better for them, right? You didn’t have that-so give them that

Ok, I’ll sit back

But no, there was this pain in my stomach, this yearning, this pull from the inside

Something isn’t right. Why don’t I feel safe? Always on guard, always waiting for the ball to drop

Oh well, that’s just me. Radical. Loud. Free. Untamed.

My kids need to see their mom be herself. Free. Happy. Loved correctly.

My kids need to know it’s better to be happy and alone than miserable in a partnership

My kids will see happiness comes from within, you don’t stay quiet to “earn” happiness


So I walk away. I find ME. I laugh. I cry. I glow.

I get the love I deserve, without having to be quiet or beg for it

I give it to myself

I forgive. I thrive. I live.

I ask questions, I speak up when shit ain't right, I challenge, I think, I give, I be ME.

And I am happy. I am free.


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3 comentarios

You are loved and supported. Most of us black women know this "place" to well. Thank you for always being a voice ❤

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
15 jun 2021

Me gusta

I love it!

Me gusta
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